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eDebtNetwork is a secure portal in which to submit and forward delinquent debt to an attorney. It consists of several thousand experienced attorneys that do collections on a contingency basis and do not charge suit fees. We also have a private investigator that will profile your case and run a background search at no charge to you.

We give you state of the art collection software to manage and monitor the claims forwarded to an attorney. Our software provides total transparency 24/7 so that you can watch the wheels of justice turn.




Credit Managers




Debt Recovered


Submit and monitor your claims 24/7, get automated updates, and run custom reports from any internet browser.

Private Investigator

All debtors are profiled and their backgrounds investigated using our in-house private investigators.

No Problem Too Small

There is no minimum dollar amount for a claim. You will know when a payment is received and when you will get your money.


Rates start as low as 15%. No contract required unless you want one. Let us give you a quote.

Attorney Network

If you want to file suit, we have a vast network of attorneys available to take your debt to the courts.

Super Support

We're honest, experienced, certified, and offer outstanding customer support. We're here to make your life simpler.

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