What is eDebtNetwork.com?

eDebtNetwork.com is a safe and secure portal in which to submit and forward delinquent debt to an attorney.  eDebtNetwork.com consists of several thousand experienced attorneys that do collections on a contingency basis and do not charge SUIT FEES.  We also have a "private investigator" that will profile your case and run a background search at no charge to you.  We give you "state of the art" collection software at no charge to manage and monitor the claims forwarded to an attorney.   Our software provides total transparency so that you can watch the wheels of justice turn.

eDebtNetwork.com works as a management tool to select the best attorneys in the nation to serve you.  Many of these attorneys have had decades of experience.

eDebtNetwork.com has been in business since the mid 1990''s and our firm has more than 20 years experience collecting delinquent debt.

We also offer an optional series of free demand letters.

Inclosing, our average contingency rate is around 25% and we can litigate a case anywhere in the nation.

Call us to schedule an online demo.  We think you will at least find it interesting. 

What are you waiting for? 
Your money is out there, let us help you get it back.

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address: 934 University Drive, Suite 141
Coral Springs FL 33065
Tel.: 800-270-1197
Fax: 954-341-5789
Email: edebtnetwork@gmail.com

Sample cases flowing through the system..As of today Millions are flowing and Thousands are being paid.

$10,000 Paid in Full on a commercial printing claim..

$25k / Commercial in NY / Placed for litigation

$2,579,157.83  Flowing from the bank to the agency through our system in the month of May.  Trinidad / Tobago

$74,285.07  Submitted to a law firm April through May. Turks / Caicos

$10,000.00  Commercial rent agreement in Coral Spings

$10,000.00 Car dealership in NY..dealership was sold and owners left advertising agency dry.

*Looking for a public shell?  We have one for sale, just call our office at 800-270-1197

Millions have already moved via the system this month.

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